Newsletter 2020-1

Dear friends and family members,
I am confused. I am not sure what to say. We are living so difficult time. So many of us is in true danger. So many gatherings of ours must have been cancelled and many will be, even our main event FH-DCE Super Rally®.
Luckily we found, with help of H-DC Brno, a solution that prevents the organizer loose all the money they already had put to make it happen. Now we have possibility to make it just after two years postponing. We are going to ask our Presidents’ Meeting on October to authorize H-DC Sweden to make this cancelled rally in 2022, by helping allowance of H-DC Brno. I’m hoping we all together will find a good understanding to thank H-DC Brno about this, in a proper way.
Later on in this newsletter I’m sharing to you a letter from Bill Davidson. He is our true friend and wanted to courage us in this difficult situation after he heard that we must postpone the FH-DCE Super Rally®. You can read it here on next page. It’s adressed to us all.
Today I’m seeing my job as your Federation Secretary in a different way than earlier. When I was first elected to this post I was a successor of our loved friend, who wanted to step down and I was recommended to this post by him. On last Presidents’ Meeting in Zürich it was different. I was a willing candidate and I had a contestant too, and you choose me. I was very thankful and honored about this and I still am. I feel it every day and I am trying to work this post as well and assidous as I ever can. Again, thank you very much for the trust you showed to me. I’ll try to be worth of it.
All the best for you!
Take care of you and your loved ones, so we can ride together after this ordeal too.

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