Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs of Europe

The FH-DCE is the largest community of totally independent Harley-Davidson Clubs (H-DC) in the world with almost 34.000 members in about 120 clubs from most European countries. We are the only motorcycle enthusiast organization allowed to use the name and logos of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, USA. Established in 1991, accepted under Swiss law as a non-profit association and supporting FEMA's activities we are effective part of the European biker society. FH-DCE complies with EU standards with regard to its organization and the name FH-DCE Super Rally® and the FH-DCE logo are registered trademarks, owned exclusively by the FH-DCE member clubs. We are all genuine Harley-Davidson Clubs and we do not use the initials "MC" or the name "Motor Club" in our club names, and most of all we are the Federation who runs the yearly FH-DCE Super Rally® If you have any questions about membership or about FH-DCE activities, benefits and services, please do not hesitate to contact the FH-DCE Secretary Sakari "Sakke" Rantanen who will be pleased to help you. As member of FH-DCE you have support and a voice both within the world of Harley-Davidson and in the world of motorcycling. Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle gives people the opportunity to make new friends, discover other countries and explore other cultures.


All this is possible within the FH-DCE.