Newsletter 2024-1

Hi again dear friends,
It’s new year and soon, very soon, new season to ride around.
This year we will meet, if not somewhere else, but at least in FH-DCE Super Rally® in Czech Republic, right?
This year, for me, amongst other usual things, is the year of preparation. We have possibility to be prepared for the 50th anniversary of our dear FH-DCE Super Rally. Next year we will be celebrating the age of 50 years of our dear event. I have plan to get our ”FH-DCE Super Rally® Museum” material ready for the celebration. We also have an idea to make a photo exhibition about Super Rallies of previous years. I will explain these ideas in my detailed messages to the administrators of our member clubs. If you have any other nice ideas to celebrate the anniversary of our great event, feel free to share it with me!
We are happy to be able celebrate this milestone of our community with an extended style. In year 2025 our FH-DCE Super Rally® will be 50 years old event and the very next year 2026 we will have 50th FH-DCE Super Rally®. 2025 celebration will be hosted by Harley-Davidson Club Riders of Poland and 2026 Harley-Davidson Club Denmark.
Wishing you all happy new year and very nice riding season,

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