Newsletter 2020-5

Hi everybody,
This weekend on 24th October at 16.00 CEST we had our annual general meeting, the Presidents’ Meeting. On this exceptional time we had to do it on virtual mode, on internet. We made it succesfully and we have now all necessary and important decidions and elections made, so we are ready to go on further towards better season which is starting soon.

Hereby I want to thank our chairman Pedro Matos (H-DC Canarias) and our hard working treasurer Roberto and everybody else who were attending the preparations and operating this meeting and of course you all who spent your time and effort considering our subjects and voting for them. Thank you very much!

Warm thanks from Roberto and me also to all the candidates for the wise men and audit committee, who have not been elected this time, for the interest and their wish to help and work for the Federation, hopefully on other occasions we can count on you again.
Also, warm congratulations to all those who this time were elected to these important posts of our community.

Warm thanks to all you who were making this meeting and also to all you who were attending there as audience.
Special thanks to Ruben Garbade, who has helped us very much again with his IT knowledgement and his sacrificial way to work for us. Thank you Ruben.

  1. We have some new persons working for our community. They are…
    • a brand new Wise Man of small size clubs: Henk Mol, H-DC Breda
    • a new Member of Audit Committee: Ross Tapp from H-DC France
  2. Sue Manning from H-DRCGB is continuing her duties as a Wise Person of middle size clubs.

Season is still on, so let’s ride!
All the best for you and your loved ones...take care!

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