Newsletter 2021-6

Dear friends
On Saturday 23rd we had our Presidents’ Meeting, hopefully the last one in virtual mode. Let’s hope all that we can meet after a year in one same room in Krakow, Poland. Let’s work for it—be careful out there!
Warm thanks for this nice and productive meeting goes to all attended clubs, especially to all the delegates. Special thanks we have to give again to our chairman Pedro Matos (the president of H-DC Canarias) and the family Garbade = Roberto & Iris and their son Ruben, who all made a huge work to operate this virtual meeting so smoothly.
The voting and calculating of votes was finalized Sunday 24th in the evening. In this newsletter I’m telling some of those results.
Total result is available to see on our webpage of the meeting:
You need a password to get on that page. You must ask it from your club authorities; they have it.
On the very same page you also find a video stream of the whole meeting. The actual meeting starts about 28 minutes from the start of the video. On the page you also can read all the material and see the presentations that was given for the reasoning of the voting.
All members are very welcome to see that page!

Wishing all the best to you, Sakke

Some elections of the personnel in administration:

  • Our treasurer, for next three years: Roberto Garbade (Harley Indian Club Schweiz)
  • Our wise man of big clubs, for next three years: René Wansink (H-DC Nederland)
  • One member of Audit Committee, for next three years: Leondios Leondiadis, H-DC Hellas

Authorized FH-DCE Super Rally® places in near future are:

• 2022 Sweden, Öland, Lundegård Camping & Stugby
• 2023 Greece, Igoumenitsa, Camping Drepano
• 2024 France, Burgundy, Autun, Aerodrome Autun-Bellevue

Current candidates to organize future FH-DCE Super Rally® are:

• 2025 H-DC Riders of Poland
• 2026 H-DC Denmark
• 2027 H-DC Estonia

Authorized FH-DCE Presidents’ Meeting organizers in near future are:

• 5th of November 2022, Krakow, Harley-Davidson Club Riders of Poland
• November 2023, Malta, Maltese Islands H-DC
• 26th of October 2024, Gran Canaria, H-DC Canarias

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