Newsletter 2022-6

Dear friends,
On Saturday the fifth we had our Presidents’ Meeting. It was wonderful true gathering after three years pause. Whole weekend in Krakow, Poland, was so happy and well organized event that I wish that all of you could have been able to join us.
Warm thanks for this warm feeling weekend to all people present, but specially our gratitude and respect goes to the organizer, H-DC Riders of Poland.
We had very productive and thorough discussions during the weekend. In meeting we made some voting and decisions, that I’m telling later in this newsletter. In the actual meeting we also had some profound discussion about our predetermined topics and those were also very valuable guidance for executive committee of our community.
Please, remember that Presidents’ Meeting is our annual general meeting to steer our motorbikes to correct direction, but same time it’s also very happy party event where all the members of member clubs are warmly welcome. Sometimes only space of evening party room makes some limitation to the number of guests.
Warm thank you for giving me three more years possibility to serve you as your secretary.

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