Newsletter 2023-1

Dear friends,
It’s almost here...the new riding season.
Perhaps, some of you ahve already started it!? I know some guys who are riding all over the winter too. I respect them very much. I’m also planning to have that possibility again as I did when I was far much younger. On winter here in Finland we need little different equipment to ride around comparing to the summer time riding. The new year is going on. The new FH-DCE Super Rally is coming, so we must soon visit the event area to inspect the preparations of the current organizer, H-DC Hellas. I feel good with them and the event area. I’m sure we will again have superb wonderful weekend in their caring. In this newsletter I’m intorducing our new guest clubs from Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. If you know some other good guys and club, that already is not our member, please feel free to help them to contact me by e-mail to get further assistance in topic how to become a member of our community. Take care...we are riding soo again, all of us.

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